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Aug 14, 2003    Version 0.31 released

Contains one new method and some minor bugfixes. For details see the changelog.

Aug 6, 2003    Version 0.3 released

The new release of pdfTag is available for download. For details see the changelog.

Mar 18, 2003    new XML parser is coming

One of the next releases (probably version 0.3) of pdfTag will come with support for the build-in XML extension of PHP. The DOM XML extension is no more required.

Mar 14, 2003    Version 0.23 released

A new sample, new parts of the documentation.

Mar 12, 2003    Version 0.22 released

New elements and common attributes were added in this version.

Feb 27, 2003    New download formats

All new versions of pdfTag will be offered as '.tar.gz' and '.zip' archives.

Feb 10, 2003    First release of pdfTag/PHP

The first release of pdfTag/PHP is available. The complete pdfTag/PHP, version 0.2, can be downloaded here.

Jan 3, 2003    Development of pdfTag started

The development of pdfTag started. The first version will be a class for PHP, called pdfTag/PHP. Implementations for Perl, Java and possible other languages will be follow. Any suggestion for an implementation or an extension should be mailed to me.